I don't know how else to describe it, but I have this memory from vacation and the whole night just felt "shiny" to me.  We ate at a cute restaurant by the water with twinkle lights and the conversation flowed so well that the waiter couldn't get our attention. Basically, the "shiny" feeling to me is the feeling of a great moment like that surrounded by people you love — and that's how I want you to feel when you look at your portraits.

I want you to feel that "shiny" feeling...

real moments

cherish these moments.

You're living the 'good old days' right now...

Photographers in Kearney NE

Be reminded of the love you have for each other.

As you hang your family portraits on the walls or save them as your phone lock screen,

By the way, I'm Cody! If you are looking for family, newborn, or senior photos, I’m your girl! I’m primarily an outdoor, natural light photographer (I love a pretty sun flare!) and almost always shoot during golden hour. I want your portrait session to be FUN. No tedious posing here — just light-hearted moments full of love.

Overall, my goal is to create beautiful images that help you cherish these memories and appreciate your perfectly imperfect life.

Imperfect = Perfectly

MY approach


My artistic approach adds elements like these to create a dream-like feeling around the genuine, candid, and perfectly real moments between you and your family.

because looking back at your memories should feel like reliving a dream

Creating a Sense of 


sun flare

lens blur

light leak

Your kids are growing, your family is growing, and soon all that’s left of this time in your life are the memories. You deserve amazing photos to hang on your walls and put on your desk to remind yourself that this is everything. You deserve more than just a pretty photo — you deserve to capture that "shiny" feeling. 

Why wait any longer?

time is fleeting...