During your portrait session, I want you to be able to just spend genuine quality time with your family with no expectations or pressure. You'll get to have fun and make memories by playing, cuddling and exploring during your session. Then with the help of light, pretty locations, styling guidance, and custom hand-edits, I'll turn those memories into lasting works of art.  

the experience

...and these are the good old days.

Your kids are growing, your family is growing, and soon all that’s left of this time in your life are the memories. My goal is to create beautiful images that help you cherish these moments and truly appreciate your perfectly  imperfect life.

Time is fleeting...

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Growing families, newborn babies, and high school seniors are my specialties for portraiture.
Browse some of my favorite memories captured below:

"All I knew was that I wanted to take photos with my daughter. Cody is a wizard when it comes to the fun behind the photos! Don't be too serious about it...she'll make you forget your doubts and you will love the images. Sometimes it's not what you think you want. But if you let go, a little bit of clickin' magic can happen and you'll love the end result!"

"She'll make you forget your doubts and you will love the images."

"Once you find "the one" you never let them go. Cody has taken our photos for 6 years now...and they still amaze me."

"Finding a good photographer is like finding a hair stylist." 

I was really nervous at first, but by the end of my session I was having so much fun! Cody is amazing. She came up with ideas that I would never have thought of and she listened to all of the ideas I had. Her photos are gorgeous and I've had so many compliments!

"She came up with ideas that I would never have thought of "

Get excited for your gallery delivery! You'll get to watch your session slideshow, choose a package, download your images, and go shopping with your print credit!


It's session time! I'll guide you with some light posing but overall, you'll be relaxed and comfortable just  playing and laughing with your family while I capture it all.


Once you've contacted me and chosen your session date, I'll send you a prep guide, client guide, and questionnaire. We'll work together to make your session perfect for you!


How It Works

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Invest in 

When you work with me, you're not just paying for average family photos. You're investing in an experience and unique, meaningful works of art.

I'll help prepare you before the session and guide you during the session so that you and your family will be completely relaxed in front of the camera. My goal is to capture the REAL you, in a way that makes you feel beautiful and full of love.

My artistic approach adds elements like sun flares, light leaks, and lens blurs to create a dream-like feeling around the genuine, candid, and perfectly real moments between you and your family. Because looking back at your memories should feel like reliving a dream.

Creating a Sense of 


PORTRAIT experienceS starting at $450

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Be reminded of the love you have for each other.

As you hang your family portraits on the walls or save them as your phone lock screen,

I thought long and hard about how to structure my sessions so it will benefit my artistic side while not neglecting your needs or my business side. Now, all sessions are treated the same and my artistic side can dictate details like location, time, and how long I spend doing creative shots. So, instead of picking your package and number of digital images before your session, you will now pick your package after your session! You will have 3 collections to choose from, which will include a set number of digital images and a print credit to order your favorites to hang on your wall, gift to grandparents, or simply display on your desk. There is a store attached to your gallery where you can choose from my favorite products, including prints, canvas + wood photos, loose prints in a box, and more.

Do I get all the digitals? Can I order prints through you?

I almost always shoot during golden hour, so your session will start about an hour before sunset for that perfect, pretty light! I used to run my sessions based on the length of time you booked, but I've discovered that I don't want to be limited. Some kids need 20 minutes to warm up to me, while others are completely over it in 20 minutes. During the booking process, we will chat about your needs, but all sessions will be my only session that evening and you will have my full attention!

For newborn sessions in my studio, we will schedule your session for a weekday morning. The light is good and newborns are typically happy!

What time of day is our session? Is there a time limit?


I totally understand awkwardness - in fact, I'm probably more awkward than you are! I take charge and run your session right from the beginning. I'll give you prompts, some posing ideas, and everything to help your family shine. Remember, my goal is to document you as you are, only a little better. And also, kids are kids. I expect some cooperation from them, but I would never expect them to sit and be quiet for an hour. We will run, play, climb on things, and maybe be a little silly. This is a chance to just hang out together without the distractions of phones or screens! If you love on each other and laugh in all the right places, you will make amazing memories that will be captured forever. 

I get so stressed about family photos and we are so awkward! Any advice?

I have several locations that I love, including grassy pastures, tree lines, downtown/urban feel, water, and more! Once booked, you'll receive a prep guide that walks you through each location type and you can choose what you love. As your session gets closer, I will nail down an exact location. Or, if you have a favorite place, whether it's your farm, your family's lake/river home, a pretty pasture, or anywhere you love!

My studio is available for all session types, not just newborns! I also have really pretty grass and trees on my yard so your session could even be split half studio/half outdoors. I'm located south of the Hampton exit just off I-80.

What about location? Do I have to find one or do you have ideas?


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...sitting in a rocker on your front porch or in your favorite chair in your house. It’s quiet. You’re a bit lonely right now, but you know that family and friends are just a Zoom call away. Now imagine in this same moment, someone hands you a box filled with your memories. What do you feel as you open the box?

Joy. Pain. Laughter. Melancholy.

What type of photos are in the box? School portraits. Family vacations. Christmases. All the good stuff, right?

Yes, that stuff is great, but you also want captured memories of the whole family together — smiling, laughing, telling jokes, interacting. You want the squishiness and scrunchiness of a new baby — the photos that you were too tired to take. The real memories in between the posed photos you already have.

You want to remember it all. And I’m here to help.

Imagine you are 85 years old...