February Day in the Life {Nebraska Photographer}

A goal of mine this year is to do a Day in the Life of my own family every month. I almost forgot this month though!  I’m thankful for my fellow Documentary Approach alumni who challenged everyone to complete a DITL this past week.  

I stuck to my simple is better approach and took just enough photos to tell a story of our day.  I think I took about 75 photos and ended up with these 30.  The most varied part of my day is the afternoon hours when my youngest is home with me by herself – she’s a lively one and always wants to do something different!  My sister brought her kids over in the afternoon since it was so nice out (70 degrees in February?!?) and it was nice to just sit and watch them run around together!

I tried something new during supper – I set my camera on the counter and turned on the interval timer so that it took one photo every 2 minutes for 30 minutes.  I love that Nikon feature!  

This series of photos is a good example of how my home was a disaster much of the day and my hair/outfit were a hot mess, but that’s not what I focus on in the photos!  It’s just us, doing our everyday thing.