Week in the Life Day 1 | Haidle {Nebraska Documentary Photographer}

Last month, I took on my biggest client project yet: a Week in the Life of a family.  I do photography projects like that all the time with my own family, but I wasn’t quite sure how it would look to follow another family around for that long of a time period.  We settled on 30-45 minutes a day for 7 days and each day I would be with them during a different time of the day. 

If it sounds overwhelming…it was.  I think both Joanne and I felt some stress during the week, but the end result was SO GOOD.  Being with a family for an entire week and seeing them during the most normal times of their day brought a level of familiarity for all of us and eventually the kids didn’t really even notice that I was there (their daughter kept saying “Oh yeah, I just need to ignore Cody all the time” and we kept pointing out to her that it’s “only for this week, not when she’s teaching your VBS class or something”.).  

Luke and Joanne moved to Henderson about three years ago and he is the pastor at the MB Church.  The kids love to go visit him during the day and have such a fun time exploring the church (I mean, who wouldn’t love to play hide and seek there!?!). On Wednesdays, the church hosts a meal for the families who come to that evening’s KidsTime and adult Bible studies.  

I truly believe that photos like this aren’t for the parents (even though moms are often the ones who contact me)…rather, it’s for the kids 20 years down the road and the grandkids 40 years from now. How awesome will it be for these kids to be able to look back on their time in this church and how it felt to be able to run around and, well, be a kid!