Week in the Life Day 3 | Haidle {Nebraska Documentary Photographer}

Ask any parent what their bedtime routine is like and they will likely say “crazy!”. With more than one kid, it’s lots of back and forth and basically just making sure that everyone is on track to get to bed on time! I joined the Haidle family for the end of bath time through getting everyone in bed and (hopefully) asleep…and then I stayed for awhile and chatted because it was quiet without the kids around šŸ˜‰

I love to get glimpses of family life and see how other parents handle the routine aspects of life.  Luke has been reading through the Little House on the Prairie series with the older two kids and they love love the story and the snuggle time with Daddy! The youngest is normally asleep earlier than the older ones, but he was so excited that I was there that he had a hard time falling asleep and kept wanting to come out to join all the fun šŸ™‚