February Around Our Clocks

10 a.m.

This was a tough one for me to figure out what I wanted to share! My 10:00 hour is so varied depending on preschool schedules, Bible study, moms groups, etc.  This was taken on a day in late February when my middle daughter was home sick from school. Our electricity was also out for the day (not weather related) so we had a relaxing, quiet day at home.  We worked on a puzzle, read books, drew pictures (her) and scrapbooked (me).  It was awesome.


This year, I am taking part in a group project and blog circle titled Around Our Clocks.  Each month, photographers from around the world (most of them alumni of the Clickin Moms class The Documentary Approach) take a photo during a certain hour of the day. This year, we are encouraged to be in the frame. Click here to be taken to my friend Nicole’s blog.