April Around Our Clocks

2:00 p.m.:

My mom has been bowling in a league for years on Wednesday afternoons…I never quite understood the appeal until I started subbing a couple of years ago for their team.  It was really fun!  This year, I formed my own team with my sister and two friends.  At first, we all felt a bit out of place and weren’t sure we wanted to make time for it every week.  However, as the season went on, we all really loved it!  Our bowling scores improved a bit, but we didn’t stay very consistent. One week, we’d bowl super good (I hit almost 200 twice) and the next week we would bowl really bad (I had several games where I scored less than 100).  That kept our averages from going up which helped us!  We ended up in first place (out of four teams) in our league.

One of the best parts of bowling was spending a couple of hours with the same girls every week – it was fun to get to know each other and solve all the world’s problems šŸ™‚ We also had a ton of fun while I was trying to take these photos – we ended up with so many great outtakes!  




This year, I am taking part in a group project and blog circle titled Around Our Clocks.  Each month, photographers from around the world (most of them alumni of the Clickin Moms class The Documentary Approach) take a photo during a certain hour of the day. This year, we are encouraged to be in the frame. Click here to be taken to my friend Rachel’s blog post!