May Around Our Clocks

9:00 a.m.

Now that I’m looking back at this photo, it seems so long ago!  The kids were still in school and my 9 a.m. hour was pretty quiet on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  Right now I miss spending time in my kitchen!  With the craziness of summer, I’ve only actually cooked a handful of times in the last month – either we eat at the ball diamond, on the run, or I throw something together super quick.  



This year, I am taking part in a group project and blog circle titled Around Our Clocks.  Each month, photographers from around the world (most of them alumni of the Clickin Moms class The Documentary Approach) take a photo during a certain hour of the day. This year, we are encouraged to be in the frame. Click here to be taken to my friend Nicole’s blog post!