August Around Our Clocks

We are only halfway into September and I already miss summer like crazy. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad that my kids are back in school and they are way happier with a routine…but, we had a great summer.

3:00 p.m.

This is usually where you could find us 2-4 times a week: at the pool. We love our small town pool and my kids almost always run into friends to play with. This was the first year that I actually found myself getting bored if I didn’t have anyone to talk to! Even my youngest was jumping off the side and going down the slide without help, so I was free to sit by myself!


This year, I am taking part in a group project and blog circle titled Around Our Clocks.  Each month, photographers from around the world (most of them alumni of the Clickin Moms class The Documentary Approach) take a photo during a certain hour of the day. This year, we are encouraged to be in the frame, which is awesome and scary at the same time. Click here to see my friend Nicole’s photo from August!