Things I Love – January

A couple of years ago, I posted a list of things I was loving that week every Monday on my blog. I always love reading other people’s lists so I decided to bring it back! I’m planning on just once a month this time around…Enjoy!!

This is what I love this month…

My Barefoot Dreams cardigan. Yes, it’s expensive for a cardigan, but it’s amazing. So soft and comfy and it perfectly complements my typical wardrobe: leggings and a t-shirt. I can throw it on and instantly feel a bit more put together!

My kids got these handheld game players for Christmas and they are awesome! At less than $20, I’m tempted to get one for myself. It has all the old Super Nintendo games on it, such as Mario Bros 3 and Donkey Kong. I forgot how much fun (and addictive!) Tetris is! The kids would play them non-stop if I let them 🙂

The Welcome Home Podcast. I’ve been listening to The Mom Hour for a few years now, but just started listening to the spinoff show recently. So many good topics and a light listen for walking or driving!

Checking out online books from the library. I recently discovered the Libby app, which makes it so easy to connect to your local library, discover books, and then read them all in the same app! Now, if only I was able to have more than 3 books on hold at a time…

I’ve bought several courses from Creative Live over the years, but just bought the All-Access Creator’s Pass. I’m super excited to watch as much as I want instead of limiting myself to one segment a day (one segment from one class is free everyday if you watch on the app). Of course I’m starting with photography classes, but there’s also craft and lifestyle classes that I can’t wait to dive into!

This super simple bagel recipe from Skinnytaste is AMAZING. I’ve made bagels, pizza crust, and garlic knots and they are all yummy! Even Curtis thought so, and he’s not flexible with food at all. Try it!