Why You Need a Fresh 48 Session

I offer three types of newborn sessions: Fresh 48, Studio, and Storytelling. If I was asked to pick a favorite, I don’t think I could, but today I want to tell you the reasons why you NEED a Fresh 48. I never had any newborn photos done with any of my kids, but if I could go back, a Fresh 48 would be the first one I would pick.

10 Reasons to do a Fresh 48

  1. You have a new baby! A new baby. Can you believe it? You spent 9 months growing this little person inside you and she is finally here. What better way to remember the first few days?

  2. The time in the hospital is like no other time…it is almost like time stands still. All you have to focus on is your new little one: getting to know him, smelling the fresh baby smell, introducing her to family.

  3. You don’t have to worry about how clean the house is. It’s a hospital room that you don’t have to clean or worry about it being perfect. I’ll move whatever I need to while you sit back and relax.

  4. I come to you; no worries about getting the entire family packed up and out of the house on time.

  5. It’s very casual, come as you are…no coordinating outfits, no spending hours on your hair. Baby photographs best in a white onesie, and often the hospital provides that! For mom, wear a pretty robe or yoga pants and a cardigan!

  6. A baby changes so quickly. Newborns are wrinkly and scrunchy and spastic and sleepy. Even a couple of weeks later, their looks are different.

  7. You probably won’t be up for taking lots of photos of your baby yourself. You’re learning how to breastfeed, figuring out how to move so you don’t hurt, entertaining all the family who comes to see you, snuggling your baby, and keeping your toddler from poking the baby’s eyes out. That doesn’t leave much time for setting up or styling photos.

  8. Hospitals can actually have good light. I love the coziness and the moodiness of the light in the room. My photos are all about connection: between you and the baby, between you and your spouse, between the baby and your older kids, between grandma and the baby, etc. I use light to shape those connections and focus on what’s important.

  9. I do video. Those newborn cries are SO precious. The belly breathing. The yawns. The little hands waving around. A tiny finger wrapped around mom’s finger while feeding. These are all things that are amazing to watch later (especially when your baby is now two years old and testing your patience at every moment of the day!).

  10. This is a priceless time. Never again will you have nothing else to do but focus on your relationship with your baby. Remember this time with photographs!

To book a Fresh 48, click more info at the top and fill out the contact form! I would love to hear from you and make your Fresh 48 session amazing!