Fall Family Session Round-up


Hey hey! You know what is the most tedious thing in the world? Writing a blog post for each individual family after I’ve already posted on Instagram and Facebook. But I want to share your beautiful photos and smiles and love, so maybe if I just do a whole round-up four times a year I might actually keep up? Who knows. But here you go…some of my favorites from fall 2019 family sessions!

So beautiful, you guys. All of your families are awesome. I love that you took the time out of your schedule to capture this moment in time.

As I was gathering photos for this post, I realized that there is a definite flow to the way I run my sessions.

First, I alllllways start out with the “photo for grandma”. You know, the one where everyone is looking at the camera and smiling. For some reason, grandmas (at least my grandmas) don’t understand this “new-fangled trend of no one looking and everyone’s head cut off”. So, here you go, grandma…the cute family pose:


Then, I get everyone closer together for the squishy shots…

I always spend the majority of the session playing, having fun, and doing some prompts. Sometimes it’s awkward, sometimes it’s hilarious, but it always ends up with some great photos.

The entire time, I’m looking for those detail shots. These make my heart happy but sometimes in the chaos of the session, I forget to look for them. One of my goals this year is to make more photos that make us feel…

I’m always happy to do any combination of people that you want…siblings, mom and daughter, dogs. dad and all the kids…

And finally, I always end with another “smile and look at the camera” photo. But this time, everyone is more relaxed and used to being close and it’s always one my favorites from the entire session.

And that’s a session!