About 2


About Me


A bit about me…

mom to three kids
farm wife
follower of Jesus
Nikon shooter
super nostalgic
Birkenstocks all day every day

Things I love:
reading (Gone with the Wind is my all time favorite book)
lake time
dreaming of home renovations

Things I don’t love:
cleaning my house
over-zealous dogs
watching TV (well, except for Friends. I could watch that every day)

 I’m also shy, quiet, and often at a loss for words (unless I’ve had too much coffee…).  But, I’m also an observer.  I pay attention to people, usually seeing and remembering things that others have long forgotten.  I like to think that this makes me a better photographer and its why I prefer to fade into the background and simply capture what life is. I adore storytelling, pretty light, and any time I can capture real life.