About You


about you

Imagine that you are 85 years old, sitting in a rocker on your front porch or in your favorite chair in your house. It’s quiet. You’re a bit lonely right now, but you know that family and friends are just a phone call (zoom call?) away. Someone hands you a box filled with your memories. What do you feel as you open the box? Joy. Pain. Laughter. Melancholy. What type of photos are in the box? Cell phone selfies. School photos. Screenshots. Family vacations. Christmases. All the good stuff. But you also want portraits of the whole family together – smiling, laughing, telling jokes, interacting. You want the squishiness and scrunchiness of a new baby – the photos that you are too tired to take. You want the senior portrait – the moments where you are cute or tough or laughing and all dressed up in the clothes than define your senior year. You want the wedding photos – the moment you saw your groom for the first time that day and the love in the first dance.

You want to remember it all. And I’m here to help remember at least a small moment in your life.