I want your family to look and feel your best for your session! I’m a firm believer in wearing what makes you comfortable and like YOU. Nothing is worse than watching clients tug and pull at tight clothing or see them be obviously uncomfortable. Here are a few general guidelines.

  • If your favorite clothing is jeans and a tee shirt (this is totally me!), wear it!

  • Clothing with some movement photographs best: think long skirts, cardigans, flowy top.

  • Avoid large characters on shirts, especially on little kids. It’s very overpowering!

  • Earth tones (mustard, green, mauve, brown) look the best with my editing, but gray, black, light blue, peach, pink can all look great too!

  • Avoid small stripes – it causes this thing called “moire” and makes your outfit have weird waves.

  • Also try to avoid neon. It is usually super saturated in photos.

If you have officially booked a session, you have access to a styling service! This is completely optional – you can either outfit your whole family using it, find something new for yourself, or simply use it to get ideas of how to pair what is already in your closet.

Click below and use the access code in your “what to expect” email!